Northern Photographer Goes Live

After owning my DSLR camera for three years now, I have developed a rather large collection of images and I thought it was time to do something more with them than just have them sat on my Hard Drive. So I have set up my own photography website that I will use to showcase some of my better pictures. Continue reading

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You Can Also Find Me Here…

Having your own website is just a part of your online presence.  There are many social media sites now that can help drive traffic to your website.  The most popular are the likes of Facebook, Twitter & You Tube to name a few.  These sites get millions of visits and they are usually from repeat visitors. Continue reading

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The Tilt-Shift Effect

I came across a website the other day that went into detail about adding  a Tilt-Shift effect to photogrphs.  A Tilt-Shift effect makes a photo of normal size objects look like a miniture models. Continue reading

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2011 F1 Spanish Grand Prix – Barcelona

After going to watch the F1 Italian Grand Prix in Monza last year, it’s safe to say i’ve caught the bug! You really can’t explain to anyone how the cars sound in real life which why I think it will be a shame when they eventually swap their engines from the current v8 naturally aspirated engines to 4 cylinder turbo engines. Continue reading

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Reykjavik, Iceland

After searching the internet for somewhere to spend New Years Eve 2010, we came across Reykjavik, Iceland. With the Northern Lights and Glaciers, it seemed like a great place to send New Years Eve and it was! Continue reading

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2010 F1 Italian Grand Prix – Monza

As part of our honeymoon to Italy in 2010 it just so happened we would be there for the 2010 Formula 1 Grand Prix at Monza, great timing! Continue reading

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My First Photo Book

Last year it was both my Grandma & Grandad’s 80th Birthday so there was a bit of a bash with the family to celebrate and I decided to take my camera along to take a few snaps.  When I got home and realised that as usual i’d taken a shed load of pictures so I thought it would be good to create a photo book to give to my grandparents as a little momento and it would also give me a chance to create my first photo book. Continue reading

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Save The Date Cards

The idea for our save the date cards for our wedding all started from our fridge! We have letters that often get re-arranged to amusing effect and this was the inspiration behind our save the date cards. Continue reading

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Virtual Paint Job

When my Dad bought his new wagon, he wanted to have a play around with the colours before he had it painted to see which combination looked the best. Continue reading

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Internet Explorer 8 is now released, how does your site look?

It’s that time again when a new browser is released and it seems as though every website has suddenly messed up.More often than not, it isn’t the browsers fault for these sudden changes. Your website has always been like this, it just so happens that you have only noticed it because of the change in browsers! Continue reading

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