2010 F1 Italian Grand Prix – Monza

As part of our honeymoon to Italy in 2010 it just so happened we would be there for the 2010 Formula 1 Grand Prix at Monza, great timing!

So after spending time playing an F1 game on my PS3 and searching through videos on You Tube to find where the best place to sit would be, we booked our tickets through  The service we received from them was brilliant and we have used them again this year to book tickets for our next Grand Prix.

We decided to sit on the inside of the first corner (Alta Velocita C – 6c) and I thought they were the best seats we sat at whilst we were there.  If you buy a 3 day pass you can sit wherever you like on the Friday so we made the most of this by watching the cars at various parts of the circuit.

Getting to the circuit is a bit of a trek, be prepared for lots of walking.  We stayed in Milan near the train station so we caught the train to Monza station and then over the race weekend (from Friday) they provide a shuttle bus which takes you to the National Park that the circuit is set in but then you still have a good 30 minute walk to the circuit from there. As you approach the circuit and hear the sound of the cars you soon forget about the walk.  On race day though we caught the train to the Train station that is next to the 2nd Lesmo.  You are at the circuit straight away although depending where your seats are, you my still have a good walk to your seat.

All in all though, we had a great weekend.  The sun was shining and Tifosi kept us entertained with some pre-race banter.  If you are thinking of visiting this race, then do it!



By Martin Bleasdale

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