Internet Explorer 8 is now released, how does your site look?

It’s that time again when a new browser is released and it seems as though every website has suddenly messed up.More often than not, it isn’t the browsers fault for these sudden changes. Your website has always been like this, it just so happens that you have only noticed it because of the change in browsers!I recently updated my version of IE to IE8 and have come across a few websites that do not display information on the page correctly. One thing I have noticed though, if a website has been properly tested in several browsers (such as Firefox, older versions of Internet Explorer, etc…) while it is being built, you will probably find your website doesn’t look much different.Unfortunately website designers cannot design websites to work in browsers that don’t yet exist, the problem is that many aren’t designing websites that work in browsers now. If this is the case, you are very likely to have problems further down the line.The moral of this story is, if you are hiring someone to build a website, ask them what browsers the website has been tested in. If you are designing a website, check it in as many browsers you have access to including older versions of IE! If they are compatible now, it will help minimize any problems with your website in the future!

By Martin Bleasdale

I'm mainly a website designer, sometimes a graphic designer & I occasionally take a few photographs! Based in the Northwest of England, I have over 9 years experience working with small businesses to national companies. Follow me on Twitter @martinbleasdale. View all posts by Martin Bleasdale

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